Lavender Flowers moving in the light

Visual Diary: March 15

A collection of clips from my walk around my neighborhood.

starting frame of the silent movie cookie cutters

Silent Movie

I made a short-movie for Maggie for her birthday.

Hero image for Pablo Neruda article

Neruda: A Passion for Life

The things I learned about what it means to be an artist after reading Pablo Neruda's biography by Adam Feinstein.

Abstract Illustration with

Bad Negatives: California Coast and the Redwood Forest

A travelogue of the Road trip Maggie and I took from Seattle WA to Crescent City CA to see the Redwood National forest. Features film photography shot on Kodak…

The Olympics

An airplane flying over clouds

Columbus on Fuji C200

Animated Water waves


A color photograph of a mountain peak next to mount rainier in Washington

Missing Mountain