Jug­no. It means “fire­fly” in Urdu. Jug­no was much like a fire­fly; the room would light up the minute he crossed the doorway.He Had long black hair, pep­pered with streaks of sil­ver gray. Noth­ing about him was com­mon-place. Even the cig­a­rettes he smoked—Captain Black—were rolled in a tar brown paper instead of the stan­dard white. He hat­ed stuff­ing his pock­ets so he would usu­al­ly car­ry the cig­a­rette pack­et and his mobile phone in his right hand and set them at the table. when he sat down.

He used to make dra­mat­ic paint­ings of tigers and horse and nature burst­ing with life. He told me about Dr. Zhiva­go and Lawrence of Ara­bia, and taught me how to real­ly see and appre­ci­ate movies and art.

Now he’s gone, and I nev­er even got to say good­bye