Columbus on Fuji C200

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Fuji C200 is a cheap film, and it shows. In most circumstances, especially indoors or on a cloudy day, the colours come out muted and muddy. The film has a very low contrast, and there is a lot of grain. It also appears have a strong magenta cast to it.

Nevertheless, I think the film does shine in the sun. The colours look like a lazy summer dream. Take these photographs for instance:

Barn in Mechanicsburg OH
Haystacks, shot on Fuji C200
Pathway lit by a golden light

The results almost look like as if they are suffused with honey; I can almost feel the warmth on my cheeks. But that's where the magic stops. If you zoom in, you'll notice that all the details are noisy and the film doesn't exactly lend itself resolution.

Which is understandable, because it is a cheap, consumer-grade colour film that is excellent to practice on, especially if you are a beginner to film photography. To see the all photos from the series, please scroll below:

I got the film for a steal on eBay. If you are interested in trying out the film, click here.