HandWork • ہاتھ کا کام

This project explores what work looks like for people across the world.

یہ پروجیکٹ دریافت کرتا ہے کہ دنیا بھر کے لوگوں کے لیے کام کیسا لگتا ہے۔

An mechanic works on a Ford engine
A florist prepares a bouqet for a wedding
A Child playing with a car on a table
Naan being made in ground oven
A halal butcher slaughtering a chicken
A shoemaker changes the sole of a shoe.
A butcher using a machine to saw through meat
A cooking marinating fish on a charpai that has a red and blue geometric pattern
A worker operating a construction lift
A writer working on a story on her MacBook pro
A worker wearing a striped shirt leaps into the oven to place dough on the oven wall
An engineer works on reparing a computer chip
A typesetter selects fonts from his drawers
A letterpress artist passes a print through a machine
A pianist plays a musical piece
Showing hands of a taiko player beating drum sticks on his taiko drum
A taxidermist operates on a bird to get it ready to stuff

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