HandWork • ہاتھ کا کام

This project explores what work looks like for people across the world.

یہ پروجیکٹ دریافت کرتا ہے کہ دنیا بھر کے لوگوں کے لیے کام کیسا لگتا ہے۔

An mechanic works on a Ford engine
A florist prepares a bouqet for a wedding
A Child playing with a car on a table
Naan being made in ground oven
A halal butcher slaughtering a chicken
A shoemaker changes the sole of a shoe.
Under the overcast sky, a figure clad in a heavy dark jacket worked steadily, their form slightly hunched as they bent over a jumbled array of large, rectangular bricks. Each brick bore its own history—some etched with markings or inscriptions that hinted at stories from another time. The individual's hands told their own story; dirt clung to every crevice, each finger worn and weathered by countless hours of manual toil. With every motion, the rough texture of the bricks rasped against skin that was already calloused and cracked—a silent testament to laborious days spent shaping and reshaping fragments of a world both enduring and fading.
Two gloved hands delicately maneuver over an engraved plate on a cluttered workstation, a silent symphony of concentration and craft. Tools of the trade—delicate engravers, fine-tipped pens, and slender brushes—lay in orderly rows at the edge of the chaos, their placement a testimony to method amidst disorder. The workspace radiates with focused illumination, casting a reverent glow upon the intricate etchings that slowly emerge under such attentive care. Each line drawn is more than mere surface work; it is an intimate act imbued with purpose and patience, hinting at stories yet untold but carefully inscribed.
A butcher using a machine to saw through meat
A cooking marinating fish on a charpai that has a red and blue geometric pattern
A worker operating a construction lift
A writer working on a story on her MacBook pro
A worker wearing a striped shirt leaps into the oven to place dough on the oven wall
The hands moved delicately, weaving white string through the porous surface of cardboard. Each motion deliberate, they were fully immersed in their artful task. To the left, a pair of scissors rested near a yellow pincushion studded with tiny silver pins, like a small sun surrounded by its own constellation. On the right lay a spool of white thread, pristine and untouched yet brimming with potential. The entire scene was set against an immaculate white background, offering no distraction from the quiet concentration unfolding in this moment of creation.
An engineer works on reparing a computer chip
A typesetter selects fonts from his drawers
A letterpress artist passes a print through a machine
A pianist plays a musical piece
Showing hands of a taiko player beating drum sticks on his taiko drum
A taxidermist operates on a bird to get it ready to stuff

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