My client wanted a series of photos that depict the company culture at Micron Technologies, the effect on that culture of being based out of Boise Idaho, and the workplace elements that make Micron unlike any other place to work in. The photographs would be featured in a report, and would be used to inform the design of the publication. I wasn't given any creative direction but was given the freedom to take pictures that I found interesting as I walked through the campus. The client mentioned that they wanted a large quantity of pictures based around the specific themes of the publication.


To be better prepared for the shoot and discover a direction to work towards, I held a mood-boarding session with the client where we explored different styles of photography and tried to hone in on what they were looking for. Afterward, I asked for a map to the campus, along with any photographs that they might have taken to get a better sense of what the campus looks like. Based on my research, I set up the right equipment kit for the walked through the campus, taking photographs of people, places, sights and the connections prevailing between them.


I delivered around 300 photographs that the client was very happy with. They were a mix of portraits, cultural idiosyncracies, landscapes and stylized images of their products.