A solitary ginkgo leaf, captured in stark relief against an obsidian backdrop, draws the eye with its striking fan-like form. Each vein is a delicate thread, running parallel as if orchestrated by nature's meticulous hand. Its edge, subtly scalloped, weaves a pattern of gentle undulations. The leaf's burnished brown tint hints at the passage of time—perhaps a vestige of autumn's final grasp or the inevitable whisper of decay in winter's breath.

The Curiosity Cabinet

تجسس کی کابینہ

The Curiosity Cabinet tells two stories: one is about the relationships and unity between lifeforms as evidenced in nature and explored through curiosity cabinets, while the other discusses the divisive damage that curated collections can cause on both our individual "self" and on society at large. The unity is explored through a series of 54 photographs shot against a black background and exhibited on a 16ft wall. The idea is for people to make connections between these objects and see how they are connected. Photos from the series printed can be seen on the left.

کیوریوسٹی کابینہ دو کہانیاں بتاتی ہے: ایک تعلقات اور اتحاد کے بارے میں
زندگی کی شکلوں کے درمیان جیسا کہ فطرت میں ثبوت ہے اور تجسس کی کابینہ کے ذریعے دریافت کیا گیا ہے،
جب کہ دوسرا تقسیم کرنے والے نقصان پر بحث کرتا ہے جو کیوریٹڈ کلیکشنز کا سبب بن سکتا ہے۔
ہماری انفرادی "خود" اور مجموعی طور پر معاشرے پر۔ اتحاد کو a کے ذریعے تلاش کیا جاتا ہے۔
سیاہ پس منظر میں لی گئی 54 تصاویر کی سیریز اور 16 فٹ پر نمائش کی گئی۔
دیوار خیال یہ ہے کہ لوگ ان اشیاء کے درمیان کنکشن بنائیں اور دیکھیں کہ کیسے
وہ منسلک ہیں. چھپی ہوئی سیریز کی تصاویر بائیں طرف دیکھی جا سکتی ہیں۔

In the dim light of the underwater world, a solitary fish fin came into focus. The dark backdrop seemed to enhance its vivid splendor, an orange hue melding seamlessly into yellow and deepening into a rich red, much like the colors of a well-worn silk sari gifted by generations past. Its patterns were intricate, each detail painstakingly crafted, resembling an artisan's delicate stained glass creation. Light filtered through in soft whispers, weaving through the delicate tissue and casting subtle shadows that danced across its surface. Every flicker revealed new motifs of color and texture, drawing you deeper into its mesmerizing embrace.
In the dim, shrouded corners of the forest, a green snake adorned with white speckles winds itself languorously around a gnarled branch. Its scales, intricate and textured like the woven patterns of an ancient tapestry, glisten faintly in the muted light. The interplay of vivid green against shadowy black creates a striking tableau, etching its presence indelibly into the memory of anyone who happens to glimpse this silent spectacle amidst nature's quietude.
In the photograph's dimly lit essence, a primate emerges, its fur glowing softly against the enveloping darkness. The blackened backdrop serves as a stark contrast, highlighting each textured strand and defining the contours of its form with delicate precision. This creature faces forward, yet its head is slightly bowed in an almost contemplative gesture, inviting endless interpretations of its silent demeanor.
The dense green moss, intricately woven like an ancient tapestry, thrives in the dim light. Each delicate filament is a vibrant, living thread against a backdrop of absolute darkness. The absence of any surrounding distraction accentuates every nuance of the lush terrain, making the verdant texture seem almost palpable. It's as though this small fragment of life holds stories whispered through countless seasons—stories that remain untold but profoundly felt amidst the silent gloom.
In the dimly lit stillness, a solitary bat clung to its refuge. Suspended in perfect inversion, its face emerged partially from the shadows, illuminated by a fragile beam of light that seemed to caress rather than reveal. The fine strands of fur quivered almost imperceptibly in the presence of an unseen breeze, their delicate tips dancing between obscurity and revelation. Behind it, an outstretched wing lay like crumpled parchment against the night’s canvas—leathery membranes veining through darkness with ancestral resolve. Here hung a creature bound to both mystery and nocturne; a silent guardian of twilight's uncharted hours.
Against the sheer abyss of a black canvas, a marigold unfurls in vivid orange splendor. Its ruffled petals, like delicate whispers, cascade in layers, each one meticulously crafted by nature's hand. The intricacies of its form—so precise and yet so spontaneous—glow with an almost palpable intensity. Here, amidst the void, its vibrant hue breathes life into stillness, capturing both chaos and serenity in its tender embrace.
In the heart of the frame, an orange and red feather lay suspended against an abyssal black backdrop. The camera captured every nuanced detail: the minute barbs, fanning out with delicate precision; the central rachis, anchoring this fragile beauty. Against such a stark canvas, the feather seemed to pulse with life, its vivid hues made all the more vibrant by their surrounding darkness. In this intimate composition, it felt as though one could trace each filament's journey from base to tip—a study in contrasts that evoked both vibrancy and stillness.
Against the expanse of a pitch-black canvas, a tall, jagged rock formation stands defiantly—its surface cloaked in layers of verdant moss and delicate ferns. The stark contrast between the consuming darkness and the vivid greenery accentuates every intricate texture, each contour of the rock's rugged façade and subtleties in the foliage’s delicate embrace. In this dichotomy of light and shadow, life is vividly etched against void, narrating silent stories through its lush details.
A close-up of a conical seashell emerges from the dark abyss. Its pinnacle, spiraled and ridged, contrasts against the smoothness that stretches toward its base. The shell’s gradient is a spectrum captured in stillness: from the somber hues of dark gray at its crest, descending tenderly into the comforting warmth of earthy orange-brown near its foundation. It rests solitary against an infinitely black backdrop, a testament to nature's meticulous artistry and whispered stories from distant shores.
Under the dim canopy of late September, a solitary maple leaf hangs suspended in its transformation. The light concedes to darkness, casting shadows that embrace yet spotlight this single fragment of nature’s canvas. Veins meander across its delicate surface, each one a tributary in an ever-changing landscape. This leaf is an artist's palette—greens fading into sunset oranges and somber browns—a quiet testament to the union between summer's verdant abundance and autumn's whispered decay. There is something profoundly intimate about this moment; it speaks of cycles, endings that nurture new beginnings and transitions that are at once both ephemeral and eternal.
In the intimate embrace of the lens, a delicate flowering plant reveals its secrets. Clusters of pale pink blossoms cluster together, their soft hues a tender contrast to the consuming blackness that surrounds them. Long, slender tendrils stretch outward with an almost yearning grace, weaving an intricate tapestry that hints at fragility and resilience in equal measure. The flowers and their twisting companions form a pattern so ethereal it seems to exist on the cusp of reality, as if poised delicately between this world and another whispering just beyond sight.
Against the abyss of an unyielding black backdrop, the vibrant blue bird emerges like a dream sown from hues of forgotten seas. Its feather crest rises with an elegance that seems almost deliberate, each strand a testament to meticulous artistry. The red eye, fierce and unblinking, commands attention with its stark intensity—an ember burning bright in the midnight canvas. There is an undeniable drama in this contrast, a tug at the heart akin to witnessing beauty slip through the fingers of shadowed night.
Against the expanse of an endless black background, a single dark green leaf stands resolute. Its veins, like tendrils of memory etched into its surface, are intricately visible. The edges of the leaf, frayed and worn by time, reveal signs of inevitable decay. Yet, within this deterioration lies an unexpected beauty—a delicate lace-like pattern formed by its elaborate vein structure. Each line is a testament to resilience and fragility, much like chapters in a book written in nature’s own hand.
Against the velvety cloak of night, a solitary tree stands bare and resolute, its stark limbs stretching like ink strokes against the inky canvas. Snowflakes pirouette through the frigid air, their descent almost reverent, as if choreographing a silent homage. Each flake settles lightly upon the landscape, blanketing it in a hush of purity.

In this tranquil tableau, the leafless branches weave an intricate filigree—a delicate lacework that contrasts sharply with its somber surroundings. There is something achingly beautiful about this interplay of darkness and light; something profound in nature's quiet declaration of endurance and grace amidst winter's slumbering embrace. The scene feels suspended in time—a dreamlike moment captured between breaths—as it whispers stories only heard by those who pause to listen.
A delicate, desiccated specimen stands poised against an impenetrable blackness. Its slender, gnarled branches twist and turn, forming intricate spirals that capture the gaze and draw it inward. The stark contrast between the fragile plant and its somber backdrop accentuates the elegance of its natural architecture, rendering each curl and curve a testament to both resilience and grace.
Bathed in a dramatic interplay of red and green light, the dragon fruit—pitaya—emerges from the blackness. Its vibrant hues sing against the darkness, each spike and contour meticulously accentuated. The textured surface is a landscape of contrasts, where every detail finds itself heightened under the intense spotlight. Here in this tableau, nature's craftsmanship and bold palette converge to captivate even the most fleeting glance.
The gourd, caught in the crosshairs of light and shadow, revealed its form in dual hues—green on one side and red on the other. Against the black void that surrounded it, the object seemed almost otherworldly, its bumpy texture mapping an uneven terrain. Elongated and tapering to a delicate point at its apex, it conjured images both foreign and familiar. Such contrasts in illumination brought forth memories of parallel worlds inhabited by different sides of a single story; of individuals split between heritage and home, tradition and modernity. In this duality, it stood as a testament to lives lived at the intersection—always halfway between here and there.
A solitary flamingo, resplendent in hues of crimson, stood poised and graceful. Its long neck extended with a subtle curvature, creating a poignant contrast against the obsidian backdrop. The bird's brilliant plumage was incandescent, its vibrant reds drawing forth an unspoken elegance and captivating stillness in the darkness that enveloped it.
Against the stark canvas of a black background, a delicate arrangement of white baby's breath takes center stage. The slender green stems, fragile yet resilient, fan out with an almost deliberate grace. Within their embrace, clusters of minuscule white blossoms appear—each one a testament to understated elegance and simplicity. It is an image that echoes the quiet beauty found in life's most unassuming corners, where even the smallest details are rendered with profound splendor.
Against the abyss of a solid black background, a green and red air plant stands bathed in quiet grace. Its long, slender leaves extend outward with an elegance that belies their hardy nature, curving and twisting at their tips into a tangled embrace. Each leaf captures the essence of life's persistence, creating a silhouette both dramatic and dynamic—a visual symphony in hues of life and resilience. It speaks volumes in its silence, embodying both fragility and strength.
A single white chrysanthemum blooms against the stark blackness, its delicate petals layered with meticulous precision. The pristine whiteness at the center gradually transforms into a gentle, pale yellow as it stretches outward towards the tips, each petal an individual brushstroke in this quiet masterpiece. At the top edge of the scene, another chrysanthemum shyly enters the frame, complementing its counterpart with a shared subtle elegance. Together yet solitary, they speak a language of stillness and grace.
Against a backdrop of obsidian darkness, a fish glides in sharp relief. Its body gleams with metallic luminescence, each scale reflecting light as if it were molten silver. The starkness of its surroundings only serves to amplify its radiance, drawing the eye inexorably toward its shimmering form. In the periphery, another fish lingers, partially obscured where shadows begin to deepen once more.
Against the inky backdrop, a tall, slender plant stood with an air of quiet resilience. Its elongated leaves, painted in a mesmerizing dance of dark green and white, seemed to carry whispers from another realm. The stark contrast between the plant's vibrant variegations and the blackness around it brought its textures into sharp relief, every ridge and vein on its delicate stem etched with precise clarity. It was as though time had paused to admire the subtle beauty of this singular specimen, illuminating its grace in the silent abyss.
Nestled in the abyss of a boundless black backdrop, a beetle emerges—a silent, solitary protagonist. Its exoskeleton glistens with an ethereal metallic green, as though it carries within it the secrets of ancient forests and iridescent lakes. The creature's elongated form is neither clunky nor cumbersome; rather, it flows effortlessly like poetry caught mid-verse. Subtle whispers of red grace its lower regions, providing a delicate contrast that hints at unseen passions or untold stories. Here, in this frozen moment, the beetle exists—both insignificant and profoundly compelling—an intricate brushstroke on the vast canvas of existence.
Against the stark expanse of black, a solitary, desiccated leaf takes center stage. Its elongated form curls gently at the edges, an elegant echo of time’s passage. The intricate web of veins and textured surface stand in quiet testament to its once-thriving vitality. Now, it remains—a delicate relic of nature's inexorable cycle.
In the nocturnal stillness, a solitary cactus stands, its spines eerily illuminated by an otherworldly green light. The stark contrast of its silhouette against the void of unending blackness lends an almost dramatic tension to the scene. Each needle casts a shadow sharper than silence, etching in relief the textured skin that endures under harsh conditions. This image captures not just a plant but a testament to resilience in isolation, highlighted in hues that evoke both intrigue and unease—a silent sentinel wrapped in enigma and whispers of survival.
Against the void of a black backdrop, a seed pod unfurls its brittle wings, a testament to time's deft hand. The pod is split open, exposing the secrets it once held close—several brown seeds cradled within the dried embrace. Each seed nestles comfortably in the textured interior, their smooth surfaces juxtaposed against the roughness around them. This composition, carefully centered, draws attention to the delicate intricacies of nature's quiet craftsmanship.
Against the stark blackness, a solitary dried flower with a circular configuration emerges, its curled petals evoking an ancient elegance. The dramatic play of light and shadow accentuates each delicate contour, tracing the intricate patterns etched by time. Its desiccated form tells stories of seasons past, encapsulating both fragility and resilience within its brittle structure.
Against a backdrop rendered almost entirely in shadow, the bald eagle commands attention with an unwavering yellow gaze that peers into the depths unseen. Its beak, sharp and precise, is both a tool and a testament to survival in the wilderness. The stark whiteness of its head stands defiant amidst the dark feathers cloaking its powerful form, accentuating an atmosphere that teeters on the edge of drama and intensity. It is not merely a bird but a silent guardian embodying an ancient vigilance—a presence felt more than observed.
In the monochrome world of the photograph, the owl stands solitary, its feathers an elaborate tapestry of undulating lines and delicate curves. The bird's face remains serene, eyes closed as if lost in contemplation or perhaps dreaming. Against a backdrop of pure darkness, each individual feather resounds with clarity and intention, emphasizing their intricate patterns. Here in this starkness, where contrasts become profound truths, the texture of its plumage is rendered almost tactile to the observer's gaze.
Walnut Seed
Walnut Seed open
Roots of Trees at El Yunque National Forest
The tree trunk, cloaked in a verdant quilt of moss and ferns, stood quietly amidst the static whispers of the forest. Soft light filtered from one side, casting a gentle luminescence over the vibrant green tendrils that clung tenaciously to its bark. The surrounding darkness offered a solemn contrast, accentuating each delicate frond and tuft of moss that had found refuge upon this pillar of nature.
A leafless tree, its branches stark and skeletal, stood resolute against the night’s velvet expanse. Soft light cradled it tenderly, casting elongated shadows that danced in the quietude of the moment. Snowflakes descended with a gentle grace, each one a delicate whisper that settled upon the earth and traced the outlines of every bough. This was winter's hush, an ethereal stillness where time seemed to pause and wrap itself around nature’s silent soliloquy.
Against the emptiness of a black backdrop, a seed pod lays open to reveal its intimate contents. The seeds, small and vulnerable, rest within the embrace of delicate, thin fibers—nature's intricate work of art. The outer shell is dry and textured, its surface rough yet honest in its imperfection. This solitary image captures a profound contrast: the promise of growth against an abyssal void, resilience cradled in fragility. In this quiet moment suspended in time, one can almost feel the silent narrative of life contained within such modest confines.
Against the stark, unyielding backdrop of ebony, a bonsai tree stood in all its intricately wrought splendor. Its foliage was a vibrant cascade of green, each leaf glistening with an almost palpable vitality. Twisted branches wove an age-old story of resilience and meticulous care, their contorted dance culminating in a canopy so rich and dense it seemed to defy the constraints of its miniature existence. The glossy leaves shimmered under an unseen light source, imbuing the diminutive tree with a luxuriant opulence that spoke volumes about both nature's bounty and human devotion.
In the stillness of twilight, the tall grass stood as silent sentinels against an expanse of shadow. Soft golden light bathed each blade, anointing them with a warmth that seemed almost sacred in its tenderness. Against the darkness, every intricate detail of their slender forms was revealed—the gentle curves and delicate textures that often went unnoticed in the full glare of day. Here, in this fleeting moment caught between light and dark, the simple elegance of nature unveiled itself—a quiet communion between earth and sky, a testament to overlooked beauty illuminated by grace.
Against the sable expanse of the backdrop, a solitary flower emerges in monochrome. Its petals, numerous and poised at the center, unfurl with a grace that evokes both fragility and resilience. The edges of each petal curl just slightly, as if to whisper secrets untold; together they form an elegance so natural it seems otherworldly. This study in contrasts—between darkness and light, simplicity and complexity—renders the bloom timeless in its delicate beauty.
Spread from the Curiosity Cabinet
A solitary brown rock looms in partial illumination, poised against an abyss of blackness. Its rugged surface bears the markings of time, etched with deep grooves and rough textures that speak of countless unseen histories. Each elevation and depression dance in shadowy interplay, composing a tableau both abstract and intricate, a testament to the earth's silent artistry.
Under the muted, inky backdrop, a rough-textured mineral rock quietly reveals its story. Streaks of green luminescence weave across its rugged surface, casting an ethereal glow that illuminates the rock's gritty essence. These irregular patterns dance upon its earthy hue, accentuating every crease and contour with a gentle vibrancy that makes the rock seem alive. Each flicker of light whispers secrets of formation and endurance in this meditative stillness.
A solitary tree trunk stands at the center of the frame, its presence muted yet commanding against a darkened backdrop. The bark, rugged and uneven, tells stories whimsically inscribed by time. Knots and ridges emerge like weathered inscriptions on an ancient manuscript, each marking a testament to the silent passage of years. Here, in this quiet symphony of textures and shadows, the tree whispers its history—a narrative unyielding beneath a veil of enduring stillness.
A dried, brown, three-lobed seed pod rests against a profound black expanse. Its rugged surface is an intricate tapestry of lines and crevices, each wrinkle a testament to the passage of time. The delicate play of light and shadow traces its contours with a meticulous precision, revealing the worn yet resilient nature of this modest relic. In its weathered appearance lies a silent history, unfolding quietly under the spotlight that illuminates every detail with reverence.
In the stillness of a dark expanse, there exists a singular focal point—a smooth, white oval object that demands attention. It hovers against the ebony backdrop with an almost ethereal quality. Its form suggests the promise of life or potential, reminiscent of an egg cradled in nature's hand. The surface is not entirely flawless; a delicate texture whispers across its exterior, hinting at its unique story.

Under the careful orchestration of light and shadow, every subtle curve and undulation is accentuated. The illumination caresses it tenderly, revealing its rounded silhouette in three-dimensional clarity. This interplay creates a sense of intimacy and reverence for the object’s serene simplicity amidst the surrounding darkness.

The scene invites contemplation—of beginnings and ends, continuity and stasis—captured in this solitary white entity against a void that seems to stretch infinitely around it.
In the photograph, a solitary agave plant stands as though suspended in a void, its presence both stark and profound against the impenetrable black backdrop. Each large leaf, tapering to a precise point, unfurls with deliberate grace. The serrated edges hint at latent fierceness while engaging in an elegant dance of light and shadow. This play of illumination not only defines but exalts the plant's form, texture emerging in vivid detail with each leaf outlined sharply against the darkness. In this moment frozen by the lens, there is an intimate revelation—a silent ode to resilience and beauty encased within nature's armor.
Against the velvet backdrop of an unrelenting blackness, the insect lay still—each contour and crevice of its body a testament to nature's deft hand. Camouflaged in a guise so convincing, it could have been mistaken for one of the countless remnants of autumn, its serrated edges curling inward like a tender secret. The dead leaf insect's form was intricate and textured; every vein etched into its brown surface whispered stories of survival and mimicry. It had become what it needed to be: an echo of a dried leaf, suspended in timeless oblivion.
The photograph captures a stark black and white close-up of tree roots, twisted and gnarled, as if caught in an eternal embrace against the somber backdrop. Each root, with its own story of struggle and resilience, weaves into another—forming a tapestry that is both chaotic and harmonious. The textures are raw; every crevice, every knot prominently etched. It’s as though the roots themselves breathe with life, whispering tales of storms weathered and seasons passed. The scene is dramatic yet organic; a silent testament to nature’s unyielding power and intricate beauty.
In the black-and-white photograph, a tree trunk stands tall, its bark rough and textured like an ancient manuscript awaiting translation. Encircling it are vines that wind and interlace in a complex embrace, their paths irregular yet deliberate. These tendrils cling tightly to the tree's surface, forming an intricate tapestry of nature's quiet persistence. The stark contrast of light and shadow in the image captures every detail: the grooves in the bark that mirror life's countless twists and turns, and the vines—a testament to resilience—seeking sustenance from their steadfast host. It is a silent yet eloquent portrait of symbiosis in monochrome, revealing stories of growth etched into woodgrain patterns by time itself.
A close-up, black and white photograph of a tree trunk rests on the mantelpiece, a testament to nature's intricate canvas. The texture is rough and uneven, each variation in shading casting shadows that dance within the deep grooves and crevices. As I study the grain of the bark, memories surface—of autumn walks through leafy corridors, where sunlight filtered through tangled branches. The photograph reveals secrets held within those concentric patterns; it's as if each line tells a story of growth and resilience. In its monochromatic stillness, the tree embodies both strength and fragility—an enduring presence in a world of fleeting moments.
Under the gaze of a camera's lens, a sea urchin shell reveals itself in exquisite detail, its textured surface adorned with delicate nodules, each one an echo of the ocean’s ceaseless whispers. Against the stark embrace of a black backdrop, the light-colored shell stands out, half-spherical and intricate—a quiet testament to nature's meticulous artistry. The patterns etched into its form speak of time and tides long past yet captured in this singular moment.
Beneath a cloak of darkness, the delicate seeds of a dandelion-like plant danced on an invisible breeze. They seemed weightless, each one a tiny vessel of hope and fragility adrift in the night. The scene was striking in its simplicity: luminous seeds, ghostly white against the velvety blackness. Some clung tenaciously to their origins, while others surrendered to the wind's whims and floated away, tracing graceful arcs through the air. This transient moment captured the aching beauty of their ephemeral existence—a fleeting contrast between light and shadow that spoke volumes in silence.
In the pitch-black expanse of night, the full moon presented itself with a sense of quiet grandeur, its surface etched with the intricate scars and craters that spoke of countless histories. Each feature was vividly illuminated, stark against the void that surrounded it. The moon stood almost precisely at the center of this dark tableau, a solitary witness to both primordial silence and ceaseless movement. Its dark lunar maria told stories once whispered to those who dared to dream beyond their earthly confines.
In the stark embrace of a black expanse, a lone chrysanthemum unfurls its petals with delicate precision. Each petal, meticulously layered and whispering secrets of hues tinged in yellow, seems to hold a vibrancy that bridges worlds. The solitary blossom glows with an unyielding luminosity, casting an ethereal presence against its somber canvas. In this contrast, the flower does not merely stand out; it breathes life into the shadows surrounding it.

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